Brendan Mullarkey

I was never a great player at all. I got involded in soccer for trying out for the Far Rockway high school team in 1978 and I never did play the game untill that point. When only one Referee showed up for one our our games (Note PSAL used the two man Referee System back then and stll uses the two man System today untill the Quarter finals). The Referee asked me to act as a club linesman.            

I did the job well and my Coach Jack Cohen told me that I should be a Referee. The same scenario happened in my Club In Richmond Hill (Quenns Soccer Club). We had a women's Team in the LISFL and when the assigned referee never showed up the Club Prisendent Charlie Zink asked me to officiate the game. I did and in 1980 I took the referee course to officiate in the Queens Kawins Soccer league (Richmond Hill SCs in-house League). Our League was the first to use small sided games and some of those games were intense. We had teams from Broad Channel (Now Rockaway SC) and Breezy Point and even Jamaica Portuguese had a team.

Jack McCabe and John Varas was one of my 1st instructors and John Convinced Mr Zink that I should get my USSF Licence.  

In 1983 with the help of Larry Cerisi who was the SRA I was finally a USSF Referee and in 1984 I got this BIG Badge that said REFEREE. 

In 1884 i Joined LISRA. I did my 1st USSF and LIJSL game in Idwlard park in Rosedale NY and the game went well. I climbed up the ranks and I was delglated by LISRA to go to the NYSRA meetings. In 1984 I also became a member of the NYSRA but I was stll officiating for LISRA and my in house League.

In 1888 John Varas was the Assingor for the "new Pro League" the 3rd Verison of the Americian Soccer League". I was assigned as the 4th official for the home opener between the New Jersey Eagles vs the Washington Stars. The Center Ref was Julio Salas a FIFA Referee from Philladelphia and the Linesman was Ray Wolfe and another Ref from New Jersey. Since nobody wanted to go to New Jersey to be a 4th official with the Execption of two games, I became the resident 4th official in the ASL in New Jersey. 

I was assigned to a ASL playoff game in Baltimore MD featuring the Maryland Bay's vs the Ft Lauderdale Strikers. I was in the car with John on the New Jersey Turnpike and we were talking and I saw the "Queens Soccer" Bumper sticker on somebody's else's car and that number sticker must have been am omen because the Linesman never showed up! All of a sudden I was L2! Players at the higher level do look at you're Badge!

Since I had the Referee badge and the other two officials had thier national badge the players thought that I came from the stands and brought my stuff with me. World Cup 1970 star, Roberto Cubibians, had the ball near my touch line and the ball went out quickly and went back in and when the ref saw that I indicated that the ball went out Cubianians told me that "why did you make me run if the ball was out"?  My moment of truth at that game was calling the offside where the ball hit the post and went to the player that was in the off side posiston, The goal was scored but it was disallowed because of my singal.     

The ASL commisioner Chuck Blazer was happy with my performace. The following week I was the 4th official at RFK Staditum for Game 1 of the ASL Soccer Bowl Championship series between the Washington Dipolmats vs the Ft Lauderdale strikers.

In 1989 became a State Referee. I was a linesman and a 4th official in the ASL and running the line for Jeff Mantel Feliks Fuksman and Arnold Klien was an Experence and I was stll officiating in the LIJSL the Queens Kawinis Soccer league and I started doing men's over 30 leagues.

My mentors John Varas and Charlie Zink would help me in how to deal with in game issues that i was faced with and helped me grow as an official.  

I also officiated as a linesman in the Super league and the Hellinic league. Those leagues were the best and toughest back in the 1980s and I had the honor of being the linesman on 5 Dr Manning Cup finals in a row. Our Assignor Sal Turchi Always paired me with Referees like Ray Wolfe Niño Catalioti, Jack D'Aquila, Felix Fuksman, Ken Heller and Boris Lazari and I learned a lot from these officials. We would be assigned to out of State Tournaments. In 1994 the USISL came to the New York Area and I was assigned to the 1st ever home game between the Long Island Rough Riders vs the Detroit Wheels. The games were on TV and I was assigned to cities like Philadelphia, Westchester NY, Newark and Toms River. 

I was also officiating LIJSL and CJSL games and the players and Parents told me "Hey you're the Long Island Roughriders Ref". One of the games I remember as a 4th official that the Long Island Roughriders were playing a team from Carolina. The Captain from Carolina punched out his OWN player so after the Referee showned the Red Card to the both players I had to escort them to the locker room!

In the early 2000s I had to take a physical fitness test to officiate USISL (Now USL) games I did poorly and the SRA Boris Lazari gave me the riot act and told me either you pass or you're gone! I started a new training program and with the help of Steve "Fish" Karadouvic, I passed and even out ran some of the National Candidates. 

Also in the 2000s I got involded in the Pro Indoor game and worked MISL games in Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Jersey and Massaschuetts as an AR and 4th official and as a Pentaly Box Attendant. In 2008 I finally got a chance to blow the whistle as myself and Chip Reed officiated an Indoor International between the Philadelphia Kixx and Pogo Sturko of Poland. I also was in the Dallas Cup and I became the first ENY Referee to be a 4th official in the BU14 final in 2001 and I was also the 4th official again for the 2006 BU12 final in Dallas.     

In 2002 I was the second ENY Referee to be the AR in the BU19 Super Group Semi Final in Dallas. When you are a Referee at the Dallas Cup you are part of a great Referee Family. Even FIFA Refs wanted the ENY Refs on thier games. Other refs asked me why are you still a 4th official and AR? I saw it as I made the pros! I got as far as two non league MLS games (NY Metrostars vs CD Agular and as a 4th official and NY Red Bulls vs Seaton Hall) and two non league WUSA Benefit games for the 9-11 victims, NY Power vs Boston Bolts and NY Power vs the Washigton Freedom featuring Mia Hamm.           

There was no National AR track in those days and no Acamaedy League so even though I was unable to make National, somebody told me that I had a better Career than most Nationals did.   

Today I'm a State Emeritus Referee. High School Referee and and active NISOA Referee as well as a USSF Indoor / Futsal Ref and I'm an Assingor. I also volunteer my time to the Street Soccer USA National Homeless Cup each year.

My goal is to pass the knowledge that I received from my mentors and give the advice to the Referees that I assign and see Referees go as far as they can up the ranks in the refereeing world.

Liz Browne who became a school teacher and won the PSAL Pegasus award for being the best player in the PSAL in 1986
Center is person is Charle Zink who was one of my 1st mentors who has passed on 3 years ago
and I am on the right.

At the Dallas Cup in 1994. I am on the left with FIFA Referee Hugh Dallas Scotland (Hugh was the 4th official in the 2002 World Cup Final)

Myself, Brian Hall and Many Oritz Jr, (the other ref is unknown)